CDS Consulting Co-op

The cooperative difference is our competitive advantage. CDS Consulting Co-op is dedicated to building and strengthening cooperative businesses.

We use assessment, planning, resource access, training, coaching, support, and continuous improvement. We tailor our services to your needs in these comprehensive areas of development:

CBLD / Board Leadership Development

Expansion and Growth of Cooperatives

Human Resources Support

Membership Development

Operational and Financial Improvement

Consulting for Startup Co-ops

Our consultants specialize in working with food cooperatives to achieve growth, increase profitability, improve board leadership, strengthen management, and fully serve their members and community. Together, we have over 200 years of combined experience consulting with food co-ops and an average of 22 years in the industry.

We provide top-notch services that are comprehensive and personalized. Our consultants and programs have worked on over 500 projects helping cooperatives achieve their goals.

Taken at our annual meeting and retreat at Red Corral Ranch, Texas in June 2013.

Front row: Helena O’Connor, Michael Healy, Todd Wallace, Art Sherwood

Second row: Mark Mulcahy, Joel Kopischke, Walden Swanson, Pete Hodgson, Melanie Reid, Adam Schwartz, Ben Sandel, Leslie Watson

Third row: Nina Johnson, Bill Gessner, Marilyn Scholl, Carolee Colter, Jeanie Wells, Mel Braverman, Nicole Klimek, Mark Goehring

Not present: Debbie Suassuna, Joan Stockinger, John Foley, Kate Sumberg, Paul Feiner, Rose Marie Klee, and Thane Joyal

Areas of specialty, contact information and links to each consultant’s full description

New Governance Model: The Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance

The Four Pillars of Cooperative Governance (4PCG) is not about changing systems but is a new way of making sense of cooperative governance. We think it addresses current gaps in strengthening owner relationships and democratic practices that are not clearly part of other business or governance models.

To learn more about the Four Pillars of Cooperative governance: