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Joel Kopischke



Milwaukee, Wisconsin


(414) 803-6725


Board Leadership Development, MBTI® Personality Type Assessments, Leadership Coaching, Cooperative Governance

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Joel Kopischke is a member of the CBLD Team and has over 20 years experience in process improvement and leadership consulting.

Joel has also been involved with co-ops for over 15 years, serving on the board at Outpost Natural Foods in Milwaukee for nine years, including five as president.

Joel calls himself a process improvement geek. “When co-ops grow, we inspire other people and other co-ops, and that starts the process of building our movement. The more people who know their role and are better trained are just better served to deliver that to the co-op sector,” he said.

Joel is an MBTI ® Certified Practitioner able to perform Myers-Briggs Type Indicator assessments and was personally trained in the theory and implementation of Policy Governance by John and Miriam Carver at the Policy Governance ® Academy SM.
Additionally, Joel has led experiential workshops and leadership development programs across the US, the UK and South Africa.

Joel’s services include:

  • Leadership development
  • Board training
  • Policy Governance
  • MBTI ® personality type assessments
  • Group process and facilitation
  • Retreat planning
  • Coaching

“ It’s a great pleasure working with Joel. He is at once personable and considerate and, when it comes to board governance, he really knows his stuff! ”

Ray Kamalay, Board President, East Lansing Food Co-op, East Lansing, Mich.

“ Joel’s extensive knowledge of policy governance and his ability to explain its implementation have been crucial to the evolution of our board. And his commitment to our board is ongoing…he’s always available to help when we reach a plateau and need guidance! I highly recommend working with Joel! ”

Kathy Roudebush, Board President, 3 Rivers Food Co-op Fort Wayne, Ind.

“ Working with Joel has been so helpful! He is so good about focusing on whatever our needs are and providing resources, insights and support to whatever the issue or questions we might have. That really makes a difference. ”

Kathie Tyser, Board President, People’s Food Co-op La Crosse, Wis.