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Kevin O'Donnell



Montpelier, Vermont


(802) 380-1560


Professional Food Service Management and Culinary Arts

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Kevin O’Donnell has had a long and esteemed career managing boutique hotels, country clubs and delis around the U.S.

He has been a prepared foods consultant for over 30 years as well, and taught culinary arts and hospitality management at SUNY Cobleskill and the New England Culinary Institute. 

Kevin knows exactly what it takes to meet the customer service needs of a discerning consumer passionate about food.  He’s also an athlete and a father, so it matters to him personally that creative dishes are also healthy and prepared with clean ingredients. When Kevin was hired to be the prepared foods manager at Hunger Mountain Co-op, the department had been struggling for years. Kevin’s focus on serving both customers and staff as well as analysing and developing systems, has led to a dramatic turn around.

Kevin is delighted to add food cooperatives to his client list because he’s enthusiastic about sharing what he knows about running successful food service operations.  He sees the excitement and education that motivates people cooking and managing delis in food co-ops, and he’d like to contribute to their professional skillset needed to manage strong food service programs.  He has found that kitchens struggle when growth and customer demands are not supported by good systems for purchasing, pricing, recipe development and customer service.

“Margins are so thin.  If you make mistakes, you lose money,” he said, and he’s motivated to help food service departments avoid costly challenges.  “The food systems landscape has changed dramatically, especially regarding the desire for local foods and how people eat today,” Kevin said.  “At the end of the day, what we do is about making customers happy.”

Kevin’s services include:

“ If you are looking for assistance to invigorate your customer service, add sizzle to your prepared food section, and engage customers with your store experience, then I can think of no one better than Kevin O’Donnell. His skill set begins with a strong commitment to serving clients, staff members, and customers. ”

Paul Sorgule, MS, AAC President, Harvest America Ventures, LLC Saranac Lake, NY

“ In just two years under Kevin’s leadership, we have a Prepared Foods department that staff and members are proud of. With his considerable knowledge and leadership skills, Kevin helped us improve significantly our prepared foods department operations, finances, personnel and customer service. ”

Kari Bradley, General Manager Hunger Mountain Coop Montpelier, Vt