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Michael McCary



Nevada City, California


(530) 470-3118


Front End Systems

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Before Michael McCary embarked on his co-op career, he owned his own business.

He carries over that experience into his occupation as a front end operations consultant for food co-ops, where he feels just as strong a sense of ownership, but one that it is greatly expanded through cooperative business values.  Included in Michael's co-op experience is his role as front end manager at BriarPatch Co-op in Grass Valley, Calif.  His particular expertise is in helping clients create efficient systems for front end management, developing effective customer service programs and training, and facilitating Open Book Management implementation.  He understands both the big-picture demands of food co-ops competing in today’s market, as well as their need for strong people skills and department management ability.

Michael noted that expansion readiness often brings about “growing pains” in systems development, and he thinks that professional support and development of front end managers is crucial to managing those transitions.  He believes so strongly in it that in 2012 he formed a group for food co-op front end managers from around the country to share information, practices and ideas.  Michael also assists clients with analyzing key data that helps them adhere to labor budgets and gain operational efficiencies.

The front end is the department that interfaces most with both customers and other store departments, and that’s what led him to create the Customer Service 101 Passport Training at BriarPatch.  Often consumer perception of a store is based on their experience at the cash register.  “You really need to have systems in place that focus on customer service.  It’s vital,” Michael said.

Michael thinks the co-op model does so much more on behalf of the environment and communities than any other way of doing business.  “I see the value of co-ops and want to be a part of their growth,” he said.  “What draws me to co-ops is that they are about and for people.”  Michael's dedication to cooperatives also spills over into his personal life where he’s organized a bike club for BriarPatch members and staff, and gets people together regularly to play softball.  “That’s one of the things I love about consumer co-ops.  The dynamic of ownership brings people together over mutual interests.”

Michael McCary’s services include:

  • Front end systems, procedures and policies
  • Operational structure development
  • Front end training and customer service
  • Labor analysis and performance
  • Front end development