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Special Deals for CBLD Clients

If your co-op is enrolled in CBLD, see below for two special deals that can provide your co-op with savings on other services and programs offered by CDS Consulting Co-op.  See below for more information on the General Manager Success (GMS) Program and the Power of Participation (POP) Program's Cooperative Service Training. Contact Thane Joyal to discuss possitibilites. 

Don't forget about your GM! Invest in Coaching & Development.

Maintaining a strong commitment to professional development is important for every General Manager. Through our General Manager Success (GMS) Program, our team of former GMs and sector experts offer coaching and support to help GMs strengthen their competencies and skills, make the most of their Board-GM relationship, troubleshoot operational challenges and operationalize long-term strategic goals. This year we are pleased to offer a CBLD re-enrollment special. Save $300 when you add-on a package of 12 coaching hours for just $1500. Contact Jeanie Wells for more info! 

Is Your Customer Service Cooperative Service?

Cooperative Service Training is a transformational workshop that goes beyond one-size-fits-all trainings to address the needs of co-ops to grow membership, increase engagement, and provide staff with tools to understand and model the cooperative difference. Skill-building activities, small group discussions and facilitator presentations provide targeted training for staff to handle complaints, provide service and confidently discuss membership with owners, future owners and shoppers.  Save up to $1000 on this add-on when you re-enroll in CBLD. Contact Rebecca Torpie for more information.

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Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

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