Overview & Mission

The CDS Consulting Co-op is committed to co-op development and the widespread practice of cooperative values in business. 

Our goal is to help organizations empower high performance and participation among individuals and teams, from the board of directors and managers, to the employees and co-op owners. Leadership takes talent and courage, and our purpose is to support strong leadership development in every co-op and organization we work with.

In a cooperative, mission and margin are equally important.  Our objective as a group of consultants is to provide clients data, tools and strategies that help them align their mission, culture and brand.  Our specialized databases allow us to identify best practices and make recommendations based on analysis of comprehensive data.  CDS Consulting Co-op has provided services to hundreds of cooperatives of all sizes and is actively supporting the growing wave of new food co-ops by fostering growth with purpose.

How We Fulfill Our Mission

The CDS Consulting Cooperative exists to support a growing, diverse network of cooperative businesses for the greater good of our members and our cooperative community. 

As a result of all the efforts of the CDS Consulting Cooperative:

  1. Right livelihood exists for member consultants
  2. Co-ops are stronger

                a. Co-ops have access to support and resources they need
                b. Co-ops act effectively within a clear vision
                c. Co-ops have effective ownership and governance
                d. A culture of cooperative development exists and is sustained


CDS Consulting Co-op specializes in providing consulting services to cooperatives in these areas:

 Expand & Grow

 Develop Your Talent

 Improving Operations


 Cooperative Governance

 Start a Food Co-op