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Adam Schwartz



Springfield, Virginia


(703) 608-0534


Creating a Cooperative Culture, Connecting Co-ops across Sectors

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Adam is a nationally recognized leader in the U.S. cooperative movement for his work on creating a cooperative culture at organizations.

Adam's passion is to help co-ops succeed through using the co-op principles and values as a strategic advantage in the marketplace.  He works with cooperatives from all sectors to help create a more cooperative economy. 

For 23 years Adam has been serving co-ops in several different arenas from public policy to in depth consulting with individual co-ops. He has extensive knowledge of the key ingredients that lead to sustainable success for cooperative business.  His focus is to ensure his clients have the tools to implement his training and make a meaningful difference where the impact can be measured.

He founded The Cooperative Way and joined CDS Consulting Co-op in 2012 because, “All co-ops have an opportunity to grow their business thorough ensuring their employees and members understand the purpose of why the co-op exists.  Co-ops can strengthen their culture, participation and engagement through intentional actions.  There are very few problems in society that can’t lead to a co-op solution.  So I also assist co-ops in locating other co-ops in their community that share similar values,” Adam said.

Adam is an instructor at the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) Management Internship Program and regular writer for their Straight Talk the news service.  He is a frequent speaker at national and international co-op conferences. He is working to create new investment opportunities for people that want to support co-ops. Adam previously served as vice president for public affairs and member services for the National Cooperative Business Association (NCBA). He has also worked at the National Rural Telecommunications Cooperatives and NRECA.

He enjoys running, hiking and anything that involves the ocean.

Adam works in partnership with the CDS Consulting Co-op to provide:

  • Creating or re-energizing the cooperative culture organizations. This is accomplished through consulting that ranges from a webinar, speeches, workshops, coaching, retreats and ongoing services with defined goals and benchmarks

  • Thought provoking speeches for Annual Meetings & Conferences

  • Strategic and tactical guidance (including introductions) for establishing a local cross-sector cooperative network for business, legislative and community impact purposes

  • Serve as a spokesperson for your co-op or specific event

“ Adam Schwartz was entertaining, knowledgeable and he brought the cooperative business model to life for our employees. After leaving the training they had an enhanced appreciation for our mission and members and many commented that it was our best all employee training
yet! ”

Sarah Fisher, VP Member Services, Nueces Electric Co-op

“ He’s current. ”

Richelle Meer, Executive Director, Silver Spring Day School Cooperative

“ There is no one I know who understands the needs of cooperatives better than Adam Schwartz. Combined with his networking abilities and positive personality, he is never more than one person away from an answer. ”

Rich Morris, President of ROI Consulting and founder of The Veterinary Co-op