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Jen Christopher



New Orleans, Louisiana


(215) 906-1467


Information Technology

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Jen Christopher began her technical and data management career by working with point of sale systems in grocery retail, and soon after started her own information technology (IT) business.

Currently she assists clients with a full spectrum of technology support including computer networking, software and Client Relationship Management (CRM) set up and implementation, data management, as well as providing transitional IT leadership and support when staff changes occur.

“My clients are feeling a lot of pressure to execute technologies that require time and training to get launched.  I want people to feel more comfortable with the technology that can save them time and give them the information they need.”

One of the things she knows her clients need is getting data to make effective decisions, and are sometimes using software that doesn’t allow for good reporting.  She works with clients to determine the best way to access the data that they already have, as well as to set up systems for operational improvement, including aligning margins and pricing.  Jen also does technology assessments as well as training and new software installation and implementation.

“I generally work with people who are really great at building community and working with people.  I really like solving technical problems and want to be of service to them, so I can help them focus on their mission.”

Jen's services include: 

  • Optimizing Point of Sale (POS) database and internal POS and pricing systems 
  • Maximizing utility of information technology resources, including computer hardware, software and networking equipment 
  • Identifying areas where pricing is not aligned with category goals 
  • Training in new or existing IT and POS staff 
  • Interim staffing during IT and POS staff transitions, assisting with prioritization of skills in candidates and training in new staff remotely on their system