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Leadership Training (Add-on)

Leadership Training—personal/professional leadership development

Your CBLD consultant can provide customized support for leadership in your co-op. Our online events also offer an opportunity for in-depth discussion of advanced leadership topics.

In 2017 the Leadership Training will be available as an add-on event. Contact us for more information or for a proposal on bringing a Leadership Training to your region.

Leadership Training focuses on three levels of leadership development: individual skill building, building an effective team, and integrating the strategic process into a work plan.

For Leadership Trainings offered as add-on events in your region, participants are introduced to leadership concepts and practice using relevant topics and scenarios, including leadership for growing co-ops.

Who should participate: Board leaders, general managers and others looking to develop their leadership skills.

Contact us for a proposal on offering an event in your region.


Associated Consultants

Art Sherwood

Board Leadership Development, Strategy and GM/CEO Coaching

Ben Sandel

Leadership Development, Startup Co-ops, Capitalization

Jade Barker

Board Leadership Development

Leslie Watson

Board Leadership Development

Marilyn Scholl

Cooperative Governance, Board Training, Facilitation, and Assessment, Cooperative Development

Mark Goehring

Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Facilitation, Member Linkage

Martha Whitman

Board Leadership Development

Michael Healy

Cooperative Governance, Team Building, Communication

Rose Marie Klee

Board Leadership Development

Thane Joyal

Board Leadership Development, Cooperative Governance, Bylaw Support

Todd Wallace

Board Leadership Development

“ The value to our co-op is higher when a lot of people participate in CBLD events. ”

Mary Avery, Board Chair, Neighborhood Co-op Grocery, Carbondale, Ill.

“ The result of this training has helped make board meetings productive and visionary. ”

Molly Langley, General Manager, The Co-op Natural Foods, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

“ CBLD events have allowed us to be more intentional regarding our strategic leadership and rooting all of our conversations within the context of the Ends. ”

Molly O'Brien, Board President, City Market/Onion River Co-op, Burlington, Vt.

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