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Compensation Analysis

Compensation Analysis

Providing fair, competitive and financially feasible compensation for co-op managers and staff is essential for recruitment, retention and being a workplace of choice.

Compensation is also a hard topic for anyone on your staff to be completely objective in analyzing your current compensation approach. Our consultants can assist you with that analysis and make recommendations for achieving your goals.

Our compensation analysis studies include:

  • Identifying the positions to analyze
  • Research base salaries using local pay data, national salary websites, and data from peer co-ops
  • Adjust the latter two sources for regional cost of living differences
  • Analyze the effect of experience on compensation
  • Review total compensation to ensure benefits are effective
  • Consider contingent/bonus compensation
  • Make recommendations for adjustments as needed

Associated Consultants

Carolee Colter

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

Sarah Dahl

Compensation Analysis, Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

“ Sarah was a great resource -- offering timely, thoughtful, and practical solutions for improving our compensation package. ”

Lucy Georgoff, finance manager, Springfield Co-op

“ Sarah advice on our wage scale was invaluable. I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone who is reviewing or overhauling their wage scale. ”

Tim Bartlett, general manager, Lexington Co-op

“ Sarah’s grasp of the complexity of compensation has been an indispensable asset and her grace as our management team digested these concepts cannot be overstated. ”

Zac Hamlin, human resources manager, Community Mercantile Co-op

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