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Owner Capitalization

Member-Owner Capitalization

Raising a substantial amount of capital from co-op owners is a major component of all startup and expansion projects. Our Owner Capital Campaign support services are designed to deliver the co-op fundraising expertise you need for a successful capital campaign.

The Owner Capital Campaign support services are built around two-month planning and two-month implementation periods and are intended to enhance your local and in-house capabilities. The goal is to ensure a confident and skilled team supported by effective strategy, strong communications, and up-to-the-minute tracking and data analysis.

Owner Capital Campaign support services include:

  • Creation of a campaign timeline around which your team can be assembled, and your campaign set in motion.
  • Determining the umber and amount of owner investments needed to reach your goal.
  • Working closely with the campaign coordinator to determine team member requirements and support the coordinator in their demanding and critical role.
  • Live online training of the calling team to make them a skilled, confident fundraising team.
  • Creation of appeal letters, email updates and other promotional and marketing materials specific to your co-op’s project and situation.
  • Assistance with creating a robust tracking system to quickly and accurately monitor all aspects of your campaign progress.
  • Regular and frequent communication with your campaign coordinator to maintain accountability and analyze campaign performance.
  • Support the development of the disclosure statement/prospectus to speed the review process and save legal costs.
  • Regular and frequent analysis of campaign data to refine strategy and maximize caller performance.
  • Providing support as needed to ensure confidence, enthusiasm and excitement in your campaign team!
  • Customization to meet your co-op’s unique needs.

A 1 to 1.5 day onsite intensive training and readiness assessment is also available, which includes: meeting with all team members to review roles and preparedness; live in-person caller training; review of all marketing materials, including a store walk through to note, placement opportunities; meeting with the board to discuss process and pre-commitments with one-on-one meetings to solicit pre-commitments; and presenting at an owner meeting. 

Click here to view the newly revised Capital Campaign Workbook published by Food Co-op Initiative. 

Associated Consultants

Ben Sandel

Leadership Development, Startup Co-ops, Capitalization

Leslie Watson

Board Leadership Development

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