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Organizational Structure and Capacity

All organizations change. Leaders must be able to adjust the structure so that the business has the capacity it will need to achieve its growth and performance goals.

Building ample capacity requires the right structure and the right workplace culture.

Our consultants will help you assess your organizational structure and build a structure that maximizes efficiency, builds capacity and creates the culture you want.

A Professionally Prepared Organizational Capacity Assessment:

  • Identifies organizational strength and stability and incorporates those strengths into planning
  • Reviews business planning objectives and short-term goals to assess where more support or capacity is needed to reach the goals
  • Engages multiple people in the organization in the review process to have broad perspective on organizational systems and structure
  • Provides the GM with a prioritized set of structural and cultural recommendations
  • Provides the GM with any new job descriptions or team communication strategies that may be relevant
  • Provides the co-op with follow-up support

Organizational Capacity Assessments for Stores Considering Expansion

As stores begin the expansion planning process, it is essential to assess the internal readiness and capacity and create staffing plans that will support whatever kind expansion you are exploring. Whether a startup, an established business expanding as a single-location or changing to a multi-location operation, building the right internal capacity is vital. Capacity Assessments for Expansion utilize many of the strategies and approaches as above, but an Organizational Capacity Assessment for Expansion also:

  • Develops and evaluates multiple scenarios to determine strongest option(s) for consideration
  • Creates transition plans to help step into the new structure systematically and according to the appropriate timeline
  • Helps identify staffing plans that are based on financial projections to ensure appropriately sized payroll
  • Evaluates communication systems rigorously to ensure appropriate framework for communicates throughout the planning and implementation process

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Jeanie Wells

Capacity Assessment, Transitional Planning and Coaching

Melanie Reid

Employee Surveys, Human Resources Systems, Tools and Training

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