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Like any business, cooperatives need capable management at all times.  Therefore emergency management succession planning is essential.  Despite this planning, sometimes a co-op finds itself in need of a steady experienced hand to manage the co-op during a GM transition.  Interim General Managers provide stable and competent management allowing the board of directors to focus on hiring a permanent GM.

An Interim General Manager (IGM) will assess the cooperative’s operational and financial conditions, the staff, and current plans. The IGM will then develop and implement improvement plans as needed to position the co-op to hire a talented GM and prepare for that transition.  An IGM is accountable to the Board of Directors and will expect to have decision making authority with the boundaries of board expectations. 

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Luke Schell

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Marilyn Scholl

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“ Having an experienced Interim General Manager provided the stability we needed to weather the transition. It was well worth the investment. ”

Sue Phillips, Board President, Fiddleheads Food Co-op

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