Expansions, Growth and Change

Mix and match POP support services to meet your specific needs and priorities with the added benefit of a long-term relationship with CDS Consulting Co-op.

Contact Rebecca Torpie at for more information on mixing and match POP services.  Click here to download the PDF menu of mix and match POP services.

Expansions, Growth and Change



  • Owner Event/Conversation Facilitation
  • Communication Plan for Expansion
  • Owner Engagement Strategies During Times of Change
  • Proactive Communication and Engagement Training on Key Events: Expansions, Relocations, Key Personnel, Competition, “New Normal” (board)
  • Reactive Communication and Engagement Training for Challenging Situations (board)

Board Support

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy to Communicate Decisions

Associated Consultants

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Associated Case Studies

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