Owner Engagement

Mix and match POP support services to meet your specific needs and priorities with the added benefit of a long-term relationship with CDS Consulting Co-op.

Contact Rebecca Torpie at for more information on mixing and match POP services.  Click here to download the PDF menu of mix and match POP services.

Owner Engagement

Engagement Tools and Support

  • Owner Engagement Strategy Development
  • Stakeholder Engagement Tools for Owner Input on Issues
  • Owner Conversation/Event Facilitation
  • Owner Input/Feedback Loop Development and Support
  • Staff Introduction to Cooperation

Member Materials, Benefits and Events

Board Communication

  • Integrate the Board’s Voice into the Marketing/ Communication Plan
  • Proactive Communication and Engagement Training on Key Events: Expansions, Relocations, Key Personnel, Competition, “New Normal”
  • Reactive Communication and Engagement Training for Challenging Situations
  • Board Education on Driving Forces Affecting the Co-op
  • Board Recruitment, Orientation and Elections Support
  • Capital Campaign Support
  • Structures to Articulate and Measure Co-op Impact and Accomplishments Over Time
  • Strategies for Communicating about Patronage Dividends and Other Owner Benefits

Owner-Community Connection

  • Develop and Implement a Decision-making Process/Matrix
  • Strategic Donation and Sponsorship Plan to Maximize Community Impact and Visibility
  • Co-op Advocacy Strategy Planning
  • Community Bridge Building Communication Plan for Expansion
  • Register Round-Up Development

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Board Social Media guidelines

Associated Consultants

Rebecca Torpie

Marketing and Brand Strategy

Associated Case Studies

Upcoming Events

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