Tell Your Co-op Story

Tell Your Co-op Story

Storytelling is where the passion for cooperation really comes through.

Give people a good understanding of your co-op by bringing to life what you do through compelling narratives and outreach. Since relationships are paramount in cooperatives, your story needs to be infused with how people are connected to the co-op and community. Create a connection and demonstrate your authenticity through powerful stories that endorse the co-op by tapping into what personally drives the bond of the people involved.

Your co-op’s storytelling strategy is found in your cooperative’s marketing and member services outreach plans. A good plan will help lead your co-op down the path of success with purpose and understanding. Because outreach is strategically important as a critical component of the co-op’s overall business planning, getting expert facilitation and support for creating an outreach and marketing plan is essential.

CDS Consulting Co-op can assist with the facilitation and development of a strategy focused on the specific marketing and ownership needs of a cooperative.

  • Tell the Co-op Story: in-person workshop for individual co-ops or large groups
  • Marketing planning and facilitation: onsite facilitation of marketing planning meeting or meetings
  • Cooperative education module: An outline of history, principles, and participatory exercises
  • Cooperative education module train-the-trainer
  • Review of current educational and outreach program
  • In-person training for staff

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Adam Schwartz

Creating a Cooperative Culture, Connecting Co-ops across Sectors

Patricia Cumbie

Co-op Education and Ownership Programs

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