The Cooperative Livable Wage Model
A model for calculating a livable wage for any community in the U.S.
Carolee Colter
Produced for Cooperative Grocers Network, 2003 and updated yearly.
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Hiring a General Manager: A Food Co-op Toolbox Manual
Carolee Colter
Published by NCG, December 2008
Available for sale on CGN

Capital Campaign Workbook
Bill Gessner with Beret Griffith and Ron Griffith
Revised 2016 by Ben Sandel and Leslie Watson
Published by Food Co-op Initiative and available at

The Ownership Toolbox
Marilyn Scholl and Karen Zimbelman
Available for sale on CGN

Patronage Dividend Primer
Marilyn Scholl et al.
Free download from CDS Consulting Co-op

Relocation and Expansion Toolbox 
Bill Gessner
Available for sale on CGN

RB 103: Retail Basics—Supervision and Team-building
Carolee Colter
June 2010
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